Wednesday, 30 November 2011

if i just keep moving ahead into the busy ...

into the crowds, into my next fiery-passion, my next favorite antique shop, my next hobby i chase after, my next temporary absolute favorite band, my next catch-up time with that old friend, my next safety next completion certificate, into those unforeseen-soon-to-be-significant people in my life i strangely meet, into listening to my mentors i keep close, my next punishing crunch, my next favorite pair of new boots, my next mess i re-organize, my next shop-spree with that tasteful friend i have, my next obsession with that Christmas tea, my next accredited position in the business, my next book i tackle, into my next favorite coffee shop, into practicing the cords until i know them in my sleep, into something NEW; but not another like you, to fill that position in my life...i'd rather keep my head down, & avoid those kind of eager eyes thank you very much. 
maybe i should just go sleep.. 

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