Tuesday, 29 November 2011

now you're truly free of me


with all of my heart i only want your happiness,
i'm sorry the dice have fallen this way
but please know
i'll still admire you, years from this day
&we both know all too well
there is no guaranteeing i will be remembered in your mind,
like you will be in my heart. 
years from this day 

it breaks my heart to see you so broken inside.
i know you're so much stronger than you think


  1. Let's agree to disagree on the whole guaranteeing.
    While others have taken pieces of my heart, I have no problem giving you a piece of mine..

  2. but i know the years of time can fade the love for, memories, the feelings & attachments of a person. there was many before me, and there will be many to come.
    & i just wanted you to know, because i think it's important for you to be reminded, there is no way possible for you to not always be a close-to-my-heart-significant-never-to-be-forgotten, part of my life.