Thursday, 1 December 2011

back to thirteen

my already cold fingers, went numb, trembling
my breathing beyond erratic
my throat, too tight to speak through
my bottom lip, violently quivering
my heartbeat, silent in my chest

in that single moment, everything stopped
i heard my breath catch, in the middle of it's rhythmic pattern 
i heard myself whisper, "no", in utter disbelief

how was it even possible? what were the chances?
in my city, in my bank, at my usual time to be at the bank

it was him
the old man i swore never to see again
five years ago
so close beside me, 
that i could smell his very aged skin

i felt his gaze on me, oozing curiosity and confused recognition
i never once, gave him the satisfaction of meeting his gaze

hot tears burned down my chilly skin, as i fled back to my vehicle, 
parked beside his all too familiar pick up truck

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