Sunday, 20 November 2011

dear angelica,

i felt like i could not fully describe to you how amazing you truly are ..without sounding a wee bit excessive, being it was our first time meeting. 
i very much look forward to talking with you more in the future, once you move here. 
you&your sister's hearts strongly resemble one another. it's a wonderful thing. 
your beautiful spirit about you, has no choice but to radiate to all those around you.
& greatly influenced your message this morning, in a truly incredible way. 
i just wanted you to know some of my thoughts. 
& it's a for sure thing, the more & more you're in my life, the more you will inspire & encourage me
if you are reading this for yourself, thank you. it's truly an honor that you've taken the time to explore my (almost) new found passion.
so thank you. & may your beautiful spirit be blessed. 

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