Wednesday, 30 November 2011

it may be, that i indeed am too strange to find another like me

one to spend late evenings with in low-key tasteful locations; appealing to our fancies
one who would hop in my car, and join with me in not tell anyone where we're going.. and just go, without a care where
one who can lay beside me at night and never say a word; never needing to
one who shares my appreciation for an occasional glass of wine
one who shares dependency on my strange music to be the temporary fix to fill those matching holes in our chests, because we  both know all too well how broken hearted girls like us really are. 
one who would join me on those long winter nights, to share a cup of white Christmas and two bowls of frozen purple grapes
one who dares to wear blood red lipstick, fully aware her full lips can pull it off
her hair having an even wilder mind of its' own which she surrenders to daily
one who is a tree hugger, a animal lover & on rare occasion; a coffee drinker
one who shares an addiction to lip chap, kettle corn & salt
one who's wardrobe reflects our personality,
one who i would call, my best friend.
*this would be us. so classy. 
minus the gross cigarette's..*

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