Sunday, 25 December 2011

nothing was better

than giving you two that gift from me.
seeing your reaction. your smiles and tears of joy. your words of utter gratitude.
i wish there was some way to conceal the overall cost of the present
because that's not what it was about, for me, at all
it wasn't the fact that, for someone my age, a present like that is a big deal in giving
the point, is that you two are in my life. blessing me endlessly. when you know i don't deserve it.
it comes so naturally for you two. you inspire me. you're everything i want to become, and more.
i hope i can be half the wife & mother you are.
i hope i find a man who is half the husband & father you are.
i wish you were reading this, so you fully understand and grasp how amazing you both are.
but i think my long-winded card might have given you bit of an idea.

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