Thursday, 29 December 2011

this city

i am in love with this city.
for the past few days, i've found myself becoming very aware of the investments coming into affect in Saskatoon recently, by entrepreneurs from all over the world and country.
something as simple as new churches, restaurants, coffee shops and clothing stores opening here have caught my attention.
to hear what those people have to say about this (perhaps unfamiliar[to them]) city, gives me this overwhelming sense of pride, to have been born and raised here.
to hear, that there are other people who see this city, province and country as a beautiful place to invest their time, money and dreams into; warms my heart to no end.
maybe it has such a "wow" affect on me because i've always known that this city has the potential, but have been disappointed time and time again, when no one bothered to give it a chance.
or maybe it's because i've always had to put up with it being criticized by people from the big booming cities that boast their populations and quantity of selection, for impersonal forms of entertainment
it thrills me, to whole-heartedly invest what money i have, into places just getting started in this city.
everyone i meet, who i know would share my love for these places, can't get me to shut up about them
mostly, because that's how in fact i discovered these delightful places (that & reading the local newspapers, which i find myself reading more and more these days, highlighting reviews of the places,) and i make a valiant effort to build relationships with owners or employees of these new business'
i feel like i've gotten my point across.
i'm thrilled for what's here and what's to come, for my personable city, i call home.
there is no other place i'd rather live, for i am in love with this city of Saskatoon.
inside the land of living skies, opportunity & ambitious dreams

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