Monday, 19 March 2012

what it is that i need


  1. at least twenty minutes of exercise
  2. a good dose of sunshine and fresh air
  3. to write something for myself
  4. to write something for an audience
  5. a solid conversation with someone i love
  6. fresh vegetables
  7. eight glasses of water
  8. to make something with my hands
  9. and to have some physical contact with another person

i absolutely feel like i just got told precisely what it is that i need
sometimes it takes a complete stranger to make an impression, (stronger than constant societal bombarding that i tend to ignore) through the internet
it's time to step out from from my mental world, in which i've intentionally immersed  myself these recent couple of days
and complete this list above.


  1. great list! :] perhaps i'll steal it from you.

  2. please do! it should be shared and DONE by everyone daily! :)

  3. amen! ugh this will be a real challenge for me.