Monday, 13 February 2012

life is too short to :

Not have nights of recklessness
Not see the whole world
Not see how your old friends are doing, months, years later
Not give yourself enough credit where it’s due
Not get lost in a fictional book
Not love your flaws
Not wish at every 11:11
Not love someone in all their forms
Not hug your mother as often as you can
Not aspire to be inspired everywhere
Not cry at sappy Hollywood romance
Not listen to music constantly
Not dance with your father
Not love your roots
Not dress up and go out with your girlfriend
Not dream bigger than everyone tells you to
Not embrace your independence
Not give your heart away
Not see your favorite band play
Not give your time to someone who needs it
Not find safety in all life's chaos
Not believe in something beyond yourself
Not embrace happiness as it comes
Have philophobia
Disguise yourself, artificially
Worry about calories
Fund wars
Sweat the small stuff
Forget those in your past who shaped who you are today
Do wrong to others
Stop kissing the one you love
Let age determine your capability
Tolerate ignorance
Allow drama to take away from the simplicity of life
Let society shape you into mainstream material
Over think .


  1. Replies
    1. isn't it?? lately i've been hit with this passionate appreciation for life :)

  2. it's a good place to be. :] always a thing to be respected in a person.