Wednesday, 15 February 2012

i caught myself

reminiscing today,
back to June 2011
back to the fondest memory of high school i have
the rarity of fond memories from high school is something 
only i will truly appreciate 
and for once,
 this high school memory wasn't ridiculously cliché..
- - -
i remember the memories ..
of that long drive north
of rough roads, day dreams and good music
of meeting little James and the stray that protected him
of breathing in the stagnant air of that church on the cliff
of trembling with delight, signing the book on the lectern
of walking among the poorly dug graves of the lost loved ones 
of scoping out the rocky terrain for the best place to lay my head for the night
of the waterfall being my lullaby each night
of  sore arms every morning
of tentatively bathing in the current of the waterfall
of tanlines and sunkissed freckles..everywhere
of the best damn fresh fish ever to be had
of solitude our neighboring island provided
of mist from the largest waterfall in Saskatchewan on my flushed cheeks
of cooking bannock in the middle of the night
of silent, understated tears warmed on my cheeks by the fire
of undeniable appreciation for individuals, easily overlooked during many years we spent together.
- - -
these are the moments we live for
these are the moments i live for