Tuesday, 3 January 2012


will consist of : 
half a dozen safety courses, i'm enrolled in..may i add, partially against my will
buying and wearing more tights, more often
being inspired by anyone and everyone 
smiling more
several visits to Louis' pub
seeing an old familiar face, hopefully only once
spending an evening or two, with two tasteful ladies
exercising the nights i'm home
spending more than i'd prefer, on clothing, while the sales are still existent
playing guitar more 
meeting new names, seeing new faces, hearing new stories 
matching my outside to my inside
ensuring enough sleep is had
putting my all, into my job
dreaming up more dreams
joining yoga 
growing out my hair
discovering new music
continuing to save my usual percentage of earnings 
treasuring every quiet, contemplative, introverted moment i can get
starting my year off with a month full of high hopes, excitement and affection shown
seeing and thinking about you constantly
enjoying the city we both appreciate together
you showing me what you know
me showing you what i know
me loving you.
sounds like a handful to me.
January has a lot of days in it.
i'm not too worried. 

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