Tuesday, 13 September 2011

quite simply, stay true

let your true colors show, be true to yourself
cause girl; one day you will shine                      everywhere you go people will see it
they'll see that something about you
that something different, that IT factor that makes people stop & stare
among the crowd, people will feel it
it'll confuse them, intrigue them; awaken their curiosity

they'll take you for a drive in a strange city,
they'll test your waters, to see if they can trust
then, without warning
out pours their heart's desires, darkest secrets, most ambitious dreams,

at first you will be slightly taken aback,
then to follow; a warmth that spreads into every corner of your being
you'll learn something about yourself,
through the eyes of a stranger, in a strange city, in a unfamiliar situation
in a beautiful warm truck

you will value the experience,
remember it for years to come,
for it's taken you one step closer to knowing you
&it's a beautiful thing

1 comment:

  1. It's not one day that you will shine, you already do.

    I know you don't completely see that yet but you are still young.
    I see it clear as day, but I've had time to learn to how to see.

    Your already further down that path than most people will ever get...