Monday, 26 September 2011

electric boom

it's just another.
it's just another. 
hospital. hospital. hospital.
in & out you go
who knows? i do.
you reached out to me, almost as if it was your last resort. 
was i your last cry for help? 
oh. but we're so far from each other
the many prairie miles separate us from one another.
hearing those words of yours, made my eyes burn - to hear your hopelessness.
don't give up, please don't give up on your life
you have so much to give, 
& need to receive so much.
take my prayers, i'll send them out one by one, as fast as i can
i wish i could give you the love that you've always needed, that you've never had,
i wish i could just hold your frail frame against mine,
& pass the love of this world into you
please hold on,
i feel so helpless, so far away from you

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