Tuesday, 22 October 2013

my day brightened, in just four quotes: Caitlin Moran

"The patriarchy can get OFF my face and tits."
"No-I'm talking about the common attitudinal habit in women that we're kind of....failing if we're not a bit neurotic. That we're somehow boorish, complacent and unfeminine if we're content."
"Along with underwear, love is a woman's work. Women are to be fallen in love with. When we discuss the great tragedies that possibly befall a woman, once we have discounted war and injury, it is the idea of being unloved, and therefore unwanted, that we wince over the most. So given the importance women know is attached to them being attached, it is little wonder that women are obsessed with the idea of love and relationships. We think about them all the time. Sometimes when I tell men about the way women think about potential relationships, they start to look very very alarmed.
"Of course, while having children is hard work - a minimum 18-year commitment at full throttle, followed by another 40 years of part-time fretting, money lending and getting on their nerves when you keep cutting their toast into toy soldiers, even though they're 38 and a neurosurgeon now - in many ways it's the easy option for a woman. 
Because if you have children, at least people won't keep asking you when you're going to have children.
Women are always being asked when they're going to have children. It's a question they're asked even more often than "Can I help you, madam?" when they've just come in to a shop to make a call somewhere quiet. For some reason, the world really wants to know when women are having children. It likes them to have planned this shit early. It wants them to be very clear and up front about it -"Oh I'd like a glass of Merlot, the clams, the steak-and a baby when I'm 32 please. It is oddly panicked by women who are a bit relaxed and "whatever" about it all : "But your body clock!!" They are apt to shout. 

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