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July 23 – August 22

The mythology:
“You are highly dramatic & like to be the center stage. Leo is poised, confident, loyal, sincere & makes a good organizer. Leo is proud, dignified, enthusiastic & ambitious. Leo likes luxury & pleasure & is willing to pay the price for it. Leo is colourful, self-assured, outgoing & impulsive. Leo is authoritative & affectionate.”

“Possible negative aspects of a Leo:
You can be jealous, arrogant, vain, self-centered, & a show-off demanding attention. You are flashy, domineering & snobbish & have feelings of superiority over others.

~ Hahaha & this weekly horoscope says : not to over-spend on your credit card, despite exciting events coming up.
I really should’ve read this sooner..
But now! I’m still rather indecisive, as to whether I am disappointed in how IN-accurate this business of who I am, has been. Although I will give credit where credit is due
Bear with me, this is a little glimpse of my inner monologue with myself, in discovering all of this.
Here goes.. ~ 

i am~                                                                                                                                                        

Poised/Confident - at the best of times, i can be. it all depends on the situation surrounding 
Loyal - sometimes too loyal to those i love..
Sincere - or honest. whichever you prefer. i desire real people in my life. i try my best to be what i seek.
Organizer - i love it. & that is my job. i better be good at it. 
Proud - only of where i've come from. i value my roots. & my large growth in my short-lived life as of now.
Dignified - when i think of dignified, i think of someone who is full of themselves. either that, or someone who has a high level of respect for themselves - which i have grown to attain, but it's a process. 
Enthusiastic - yes. but again, entirely depends. most times i like to keep to myself what appeals to my heart. 
Ambitious - i have high expectations for myself. some would say, unattainable goals set, for such a young woman
Luxury&Pleasure - lord knows i love both, what girl doesn't. (& sometimes money is at the bottom of the totem pole when i desire something.) but. there is just something about living with just what you need. it always aids in your appreciation for the little pleasures life offers even those who have nothing to write home about.
Colourful - my language can be, my face can get quite, in my younger days - my attire was very.
Self-assured - for many years, i've battled with my head, which loved to listen to what people would say of me, whether it be to my face, or out of sight. now, i know exactly who i am, what my weaknesses are, how my perception of life affects my decision making. & know i am not who i used to be, who i now pity. 
Outgoing - very dependent on the situation, certain personality types appeal to me, they open me up. until i know for sure, that you're someone i can trust/are open minded, never will you know what is going on inside my head. although you may think you do. fooled; i have you. it's a hobby
Impulsive - being a woman, it's dependent on my mood. put me next to a restless spirit - & you've got yourself a girl who will act, then think.
Authoritive - very. i get that from my mother. when i see someone who needs a little bit of that in their life (& my relationship with them is appropriate to do so), i will not hesitate to implement some - in hopes that they snap out of whatever haze they're in, that i may have been in at one point in my life..that no one helped me snap out of.
Affectionate - is my middle name. trouble finds me, when i open up & allow my passionate side to show. 

i am not~                                                                                                                                        

Highly Dramatic - only once have i been told i overreact. highschool drama was never my forte. actually, been told have i, that i underreact. 
Jealous - definitely not something i practice often. it's something i fight. . it makes me not like who i am. 
Arrogant - never have i been told, that i am arrogant. i'm not nearly full of myself enough to ever get to the point of this. 
Vain - everyone is to a certain extent. but i definitely avoid mirrors as much as possible. & laugh when i see signs on store windows saying "stop checking yourself out" because it is so true. 
Self-Centred - again, everyone to a certain extent. this society of ours has given us this idea that everything in life revolves around us, we should be able to get what we want, when we want it. it's a fight everyday for me. one i don't mind fighting.
Centre-staged/Demanding of attention - definitely a backstage girl..
Flashy - please, let's be honest. one must have something worthy of flashing; to flash. 
Domineering - again. not arrogant. if i dislike who you are as a person. i let you know..& move on. life's too short to dwell on it & rub it in your face.
Superiority - in highschool this was my biggest pet peeve. so it would make sense to be completely the opposite of this. but. not in a way that allows those around me to feel superior to me. not happening.
Snobbish - another pet peeve. no can do. 

but i guess all in all, not too shabby horoscope

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